Payment using Webmoney

After pressing the button to buy and enter your contact information you enter on the order confirmation page and then clicking on the button to confirm my order, you get to a page service system Merchant WebMoney Transfer. On this page you need to choose a version of WM Keeper, who manages your e-wallets and pay for the service. Immediately after the payment of the service itself will contact our server and notify it that the payment of a certain order such sum, etc. After the service told Carver3D site purchase, the customer is redirected back to the site, where the user can verify that the payment is accepted. Immediately after the payment the client can download them paid extra. Next you've logged into the service and the payment is made.

Our identity in the system WebMoney WMID 413609645137.

WMR Purse: R355433372108
WMZ Purse: Z445465066295

On all matters relating to payment products using WebMoney - can contact us by our contact information:



Offered goods and services are not commissioned by a person or enterprise operating system WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent entity providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises operating system WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and shall have no liability for our activities. Verification done by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact details and identity. She performed at our request and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.